Health Screenings

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Health Screenings and Your Pharmacy

Want to get a health checkup without going to the doctor? We offer onsite health screenings that allow you to get more information on your health without having to make a trip to the doctor. Health screenings are an important tool for pharmacists to provide as part of medication therapy management (MTM) services. Screenings pharmacists can offer as part of preventive care, include those for blood glucose and pressure readings, cholesterol levels, opioid use disorder (OUD), and mental health. Using technology can also alert pharmacists to look for risk factors. Pharmacists are in a unique position to provide screenings in their MTM practice settings to improve patient health outcomes and reduce racial disparities

We offer a variety of screenings, including the following:

  • Blood pressure
  • Blood glucose (sugar)
  • Cholesterol

Our highly qualified staff can provide these screenings to give you more information on your health, health goals, and ways to reach those goals. Speak to one of our staff members to learn more about our health screenings.

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